Bobby PSAs

Put an end to ceiling fan on ceiling fan crime

Prop 610

Adopt a shopping cart

Adopt a spoon 

"Let's put an end to wire hanger-on-wire hanger crime"

Save the sunflower seeds 

Bagged gas pump nozzles

Asparagus-on-asparagus crime

Christmas light addiction

Save the spaghetti

Save the overpass

Prop 519

Vote for Sam

Keep the ice cubes in the trays 


Prop 733

Highway off-ramp adoption

Prop 488

Free the grass

Adopt a puddle

"Air conditioning units shouldn't be caged"

Keep watermelon from a life on the streets

Save the ice cubes


Cucumber mold

Save the kernels

Reunite the bread

Bread mentors

2013: the year of the bagel

Save the corn

Tomato pressure

Scarf Trees


Don't let kids eat fences

Keep shopping carts out of the bushes

Help young brooms

Prop 573

Keep the houseplants inside the house

Put an end to pile violence  

"Say 'no' to swing-on-swing set crime"

Support local mold

Pay phone-on-pay phone crime

Patio furniture-on-patio furniture crime

Big Screens program

Banana peel-on-banana peel crime

Keep stuffed animals from a life in the trees

"Sofas Shouldn't Be Caged"

"Save The Oranges"

Adopt a biscuit

Keep young french fries from a life on the streets

"Say 'no' to crop-on-crop crime"

"Talk to your pickles about leaving the jar"

Support interracial air conditioning units

"Talk to your toilet about a life in the woods"

Keep young bread rolls from a life on the streets

Shopping cart suicide

Make sure the sandwiches get eaten

Cucumbers on drugs

Help us end wheelbarrow violence

C.O.R.E: keeping young apples from a life on the streets

Prop 17

"Save the bananas: help us keep the peels on"


Throw out your sand

Pumpkin-on-pumpkin crime

Ear wax discrimination vote

"Talk to your kids about hot dog ankles, before someone else does"

End barbecue sauce spills by 2020

Drier gang violence

Prop 212

Prop 515

"Support local lettuce"

"Save the Peanuts: help us keep the shells on"

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