February 29, 2012

For sale

Two tickets to Celery Stalks On Ice

* Oatmeal pit
* Free wheelbarrow parking pass included
* Good for the March 1 matinee

$45 for the pair
Grant 555-8336

February 28, 2012

Home for rent

1/3 BR

* Rest of roof to be added April, 2012
* Grandpa Ned free with rental agreement
* Must provide own front door

Chris & Amanda 555-4477

February 27, 2012


Nudley's Laundromat
Staff meeting

On the agenda:

* The customers are not allowed to take home their drier
* We do not have a drive-thru
* The squirrel that ran into washing machine 7 with Mrs. Shelton's whites did not survive the spin cycle

February 29, 12:00 p.m.

February 26, 2012

For sale

One dumpster necklace

Harriet 555-4672

February 25, 2012


The 1st annual Lettuce Toss has been scheduled for March 17!

* Part of the documentary Lettuce

For more information: email derwoodmorris@gmail.com

For sale

Shards of glass

* Over 30 available
* Free pieces of glass to anyone who is willing to pick them out of an arm

Call for pricing list
Gwen  555-7665

February 24, 2012

Personal Ads


Voted "best car" in high school yearbook (June, 1997).

Rick box 44691

Let's make a Me sandwich. You bring a girlfriend or two, I'll bring the giant hoagie roll.

Darryl box 71792

I'm stuck in the drier again.

Need a woman to get me out and then head back in there with me and help find my lucky socks.

* Will provide shovel if needed *

Bruce box 88112


Have had a lot of relationships end in Sudd's Car Wash parking lots.

Looking for a man who doesn't work at Sudd's Car Wash.

Sandra box 73219

SBF, age 42. I'm told I chew in my sleep, but nothing has ever been proven.

Nadine box 20003

I have my ex-boyfriend's name tattooed on my chest. His name is Eric.

Looking for a man named Eric or Derick.

Tina box 62727


Single, clear ice cube. Melting.

Gus box 76609

February 23, 2012

For rent

Slice of bread

Trevon  555-6126

February 22, 2012


Band meeting

On the agenda:

* Nothing rhymes with "zucchini"
* Please put on your guitar strap/guitar after your shirt
* We have too many songs about engine coolant

February 24, 2:00 p.m.

February 21, 2012

For rent


* Near-mint condition
* Used in the filming of the hit reality TV show Lice!
* Perfect for comb fights

$3/half hour
Betty 555-6001

February 20, 2012

For sale

Money clearance sale

* Plenty of $1 bills
* Just in: $10 bill
* Also available: dimes

Call for pricing list
Chip 555-1342

February 19, 2012

For sale

VHS movies

Catch A Sinus Infection If You Can
Dances With Extension Cords
Honey, I Glued Egg Shells To The Kids

$4 each
Greg  555-6637

February 18, 2012

Public Service Announcement

Talk to your pickles about leaving the jar before some other vegetable does.

Call 555-0017 to learn more

February 17, 2012


Advice lady for hire

* Don't pressure wash your driveway with nacho cheese
* Goldfish don't eat raisins
* You can't take a ice cube shooter to a gun fight
* There's no reason to give names to each individual tissue in the box
* A carpet sample is not a pet
* Don't put onions in your chocolate milk
* I swallowed several pen caps: what do I do now?

Call for rates and availability
Sandra 555-1886

February 16, 2012

For hire

Off-season Santa Claus for hire

* Available January through October
* Must provide beard

"Chris"  555-4007

February 15, 2012

For sale

Cup of coffee

* About 1/2 full
* One sugar packet (opened) free with purchase
* Coffee available in a paper cup or, for a limited time, poured into your pants pocket

Alex  555-8446

February 14, 2012

For sale

Two tires

* Close proximity to the roof

$23 each or $40 for the pair
Kerwin  555-4008

February 13, 2012

For sale


$5 each or both for $9
Horace  555-8118

* Ask about our layaway plans *

February 12, 2012

Public Service Announcement

Support Interracial Air Conditioning Units

Hotline: 555-3773

February 11, 2012

For sale


Abe 555-2211

* Hurry, many interested *

February 10, 2012

For sale

Restaurant bill

* $43.67 + tip owed
* There are three of us at Donachella's Italian Restaurant, table 6. I'll be snapping my fingers and pointing at the bill
* Half plate of fettuccine free with purchase

$40 or best offer

February 9, 2012

For sale

Digital camera

- Gray
- Polynesian sauce dried on bottom

Pictures still on camera:

* Wheelbarrow Fest '11 - Tomato Carry finals (6 photos)
* Uncle Wayne's thigh bruise
* The back of actor Ernie Hampton's head
* "Elbows of the East Coast" (16 photos)

Janice 555-4301

February 8, 2012


Beefy's Fast Food Hut - Store #52
Staff meeting

On the agenda:

* The drive-thru does not double as a tattoo parlor
* There is no such thing as a tying your shoelaces while on line tax

February 9, 9:30 a.m.

February 7, 2012

For sale


* Purple
* Stems sold separately

Barry 555-3381

February 6, 2012


Gary's Pawn Shop
Grand opening!

Items for sale:

* Computer keyboard keys (A-through-E, J, S, V available)
* "Leaves from many states" collection
* Pants pockets
* Guitar string (last one left from the 2011 collection)
* Directions to other pawn shops

Gary's - 375 Tiso Blvd., Kaynesport

February 5, 2012


Friends of Calvin Hernandez
February meeting

On the agenda:

* Calvin's gym membership is expiring soon
* Who is taking Calvin's mother to her nail appointment February 22?
* Where we can spend our Calvin Bucks/where we can't

February 7, 7:30 p.m. at Gwen's house - 308 Jasper Street, Rondale

February 4, 2012

For sale

Used books

Love In The Time Of Wood Paneled Station Wagons - Morris Pueblo
Staircases For Dummies - Chocolate House Publishing
To Be Engaged To Be Married To A Mockingbird - Francis Winfield

$4 each
Beth 555-2918

February 3, 2012

For sale


We adopted a portion of Route 47 a few years ago and it just hasn't worked out like we had hoped. Maybe all it needs is a fresh start with a new family.

Adoption price: $26

Debbie and Mel 555-9123

February 2, 2012

For sale

Used video games

Retirement Home: Visitor's Day
Paper Football 1992
Honey, I Mailed The Kids: The Video Game
Fireanthillbusters 2
Prison Cafeteria Live

$5 each
Greg 555-0081

February 1, 2012

For rent


* Close proximity to mud road 7
* Used in the filming of the reality TV show Pillow Fight: Final Challenge

$3/half hour
Ayanna 555-8711