Highest-rated Bobby Classifieds Reality TV Shows™



1. Basketball Statistician Wives
2. America's Got Dandruff
3. Knitting With The Stars
4. Watch Me Drink Laundry Detergent
5. My Feet Hurt!

1. Bowling Wives
2. Will Someone go on a date with my sister?
3. Bad Dairy Club
4. Watch me eat Gravel
5. Breakfast Buffet

1. Get my momma to church!
2. Who Won't Drown?!
3. Get me out of this inner tube!
4. Are you Smellier than a 3rd Grader?
5. Watch me eat soup

1. How much change is in my couch?
2. We're living in the bath tub!
3. Housekeeper Swap
4. Will you go with my daughter to the prom?
5. Get me out of this walk-in freezer!

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