September 11, 2008

Morning personal ads


38, SWM. Big-time rocking chair enthusiast, but I've been looking for a woman who can teach me a thing or two about recliners, couches and other stationery living room furniture. Give me a call, I'm probably home.

Robert box 77981

Look, who are we kidding? I like you, you like me. Let's get passed all of the foreplay and get straight to the pudding pool in my backyard.

Teddy box 30350

SBM, age 41. I've invented several words over the years, including "shizabuck", "clammter" and "tywoo". I enjoy professional football and cucumber salads. Oh, and listening. I love to listen.

Brandon box 28881


31, SWF. Voted "Best Looking" by the senior class at Plainville High School (June, 1995).

Candice box 28746

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, I went to Plainville High School and was a freshman in 95. I don't remember no hot "Candice". This lady is lying.