May 28, 2009


Clinger and Momar's Restaurant
Grand Opening!

"Come for the food, stay to pay your bill...then go home."

Summer specials

* Never-ending Noodle Buckets - $9.99
* Celery mush (limited time)
Cup: $3.99
Bowl: $6.99
* Momar's Meatloaf - $30 all you can eat in "The Trough"
* Beer Hose Saturdays

Every Tuesday in June - Trivia Time (hosted by former Kaynesport Pistols QB Orestes Paddock)

June 2: Tree Fort Presidents
June 9: The 20th Century Doofus
June 16: Fruit I Have Eaten
June 23: Guys Named Trent
June 30: Famous Sneezer/Shirtwipers

Clinger & Momar's - 560 Goob Street, East Plumptin

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