January 20, 2011


Paymont University
Grand re-opening

Brand-new courses offered:

Survey: History of the Envelope
Professor Janet Lee

* The dark ages: before you could seal
* The edible envelope craze (1981-1983)

Getting Out of Your Car and Staying Out
Professor Git Mulberry

* Freeing yourself before the door closes

American History: Ice Cube Wars of 1971
Professor Ernie Pepano

* Traveling by freezerback

Professors We Have Fired
Dr. Stan Corley

* The aftermath of the 2007 chalk thefts
* Professor Blaine Stefani's affair with the Room 212 slide projector

Online courses available:

- New math: working without the number 6 (Prof. Rhonda McLoud)
- Film study - Antelope in the Theater (Dr. Flannery Plumptin)

Call 555-5656 or visit paymontunivfalcins.blogspot.com for more information

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