July 29, 2008

The Mossy People are here!

Decatur's greatest rock/urban folkfunk band is back with a brand-new album, "I'm in the Clothing Hamper".

"It's actually not that bad."

-- Rick Dalbeggio, bassist

"I think when all is said and done, people will look back on this time in music history and say, 'yeah, the Mossy People made a few albums and this was one of them. Man, that Von Shutsley could really sing.' But the music will last, you know? They'll listen to some of the songs and be immediately able to say 'that was a guitar' or 'listen, here comes the guitar again.'"

-- Von Shutsley, lead singer/rhythm spoons

Check out some of MP's newest hits:

I think we may have lost a Hub Cap
(Countin' on) Pigeon Folk
Why can't we be Hot Air Balloon Enthusiasts?
Look what I found in my ear (featuring Fig Pudding and the Rumrats)
Corn on the Cob Man

plus, the #1 International hit:

Bologna Boogie

Album in stores September 3

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