August 4, 2008

Monday morning personal ads

Men seeking women

21, SWM. Student at Paymont University, studying to be a Happleblonicist with a concentration in Kikkley-Shanes 2. Former quarterback at Ginsburg High School (2002-2005); threw 17 touchdown passes during 2004-2005 season, which is still a Benson family record, though none of my relatives actually played high school football.

Zach box 87921

I need a ride to work.

Bobby box 54052

Women seeking men

I've been in a lot of bad relationships that have ended in Waffle House parking lots. I'm looking for a man that doesn't work at Waffle House.

Cassandra box 33361

God is #1; my lord and savior. Oprah is #2. You'll have to compete with my cat, Sprinkles, for the #3 spot. Here's a good way to get a leg up on him: shut your mouth and don't be scratching me while I watch Maurey Povich.

Tina box 89879

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