August 13, 2008

Personality Profile

Dan McCutchen

Age: 33

Interests: filling out personality profiles; toaster renovation

In my bedroom you'll find: turnips

Favorite musical group: The Mossy People

Claim to fame: scored 32 points off the bench in a junior varsity basketball game (January, 1991)

Secret shame: expelled from school for shaving points and accepting money from gamblers in a junior varsity basketball game (January, 1991).

Favorite TV show: Who Wants to Sleep in a Bus Terminal?

Prized possession: autographed picture of John Stamos

Favorite number: 42

If I could be anything else, I'd be: a potato chip

Dan box #621

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dan sounds like a first-class hunk - the Mossy People rock!

give me a call 555-3329