October 26, 2008

Sports Memorabilia Auction

November 17, 7:00 p.m. at the Chudington Lake Ballroom in Dylan County.


Autographed baseballs

Anson Kermitshire

Corby Celshaw

1972 Shonsen City Roadrunners

Game programs

1993 Dave LaPoint 14-under World Series, Game 7
2002 NSLTA Champonship Series

Misc. items

- Corey Bankhouse game-worn eye black

Chudington Lake Ballroom - 550 Sherman Street


Anonymous said...

Is that a Poopy Jennings signing on the Shonshon City ball? What a steal! Poopy's "Herbie Hancock" is worth at least 18 cents.

Anonymous said...

that Corshaw autograph is a fake.