October 14, 2008

Services Provided

Lunch companion for hire

Feeling lonely at lunch? If you're looking for someone to eat with, I'm your man.

* Over 5,000 sandwiches eaten in a 27-year career
* Know how to say "sweet tea with lemon" in seven different languages
* Have my own car

"I ate lunch with Andy and it was wonderful. He ordered a water, but he filled the cup with Diet Coke when the cashier wasn't looking! I still love you Andy!"

- Diane Gafreda, ex-wife

"Me and a few co-workers called him up as kind of a joke one day, but this guy is a real pro. He had a lunch menu rolodex he kept in a little compartment on his belt. He was separating checks for six people in his head. We're going to eat lunch with Andy again on Thursday!"

- Mitch Kellog, 34

The Lunch Guy (Andy Baker)
Call for hourly rates: 555-0113

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