November 16, 2008


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The Itchy Spot night club is closing its doors. Everything must go:

Buy 1 comedian get 1 free:

- Nappy Jeanine
- Teeny
- Forest Lukely
- Shantre'l Williams
- Rhino Man

Bathroom mirrors

Men's restroom: "Kenny was heer" model $7
Women's restroom: "Caitlyn 555-0016" model $11
Illegally installed urinal mirrors 2 for $50

and much more!

Itchy Spot - Highway 38, Plumptin

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they're closing down the Itch. I remember going there for the first time in 1988; saw an m.c.hammer look-alike contest. Had some Thai wings.

best night of my life.

so long, Itch.