November 25, 2008

Tuesday Personal Ads


SWM, age 36. I like to sit at home, build a nice fire, maybe get a bottle of wine and read newspaper clippings from my high school days. I wasn't an athlete or anything, I just like to read them. Come over, maybe we could finish a few of these damn crossword puzzles and see where it goes from there.

Tony box 79200

I love pillow talk and I mean that literally: softness; number of feathers; the age-old rectangle/square debate. I could go on all night.

Edgar box 29181


No momma's boys; no daddy's boys; no grandma's boys; no boys with Spiderman bed sheets; no boyz in the hood; no newspaper delivery boys; no boys named Trent; don't bring your own boys.

Tamara box 45911

SWF, 40. I'm very fit and athletic for my age, which is actually 44. That's a lie, I'm 47. Or am I? Call to find out that and other things.

Nancy box 32220


Looking for a man or woman to make us breakfast and take the dog for a walk in the mornings. Three days a week for about an hour each day. Internship.

Jim and Candice 555-8716

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