November 18, 2010


The Leckburg Community Center has several night classes still available.

Pick one that's right for you-

Avoiding Large Trees - 5 seats available
December 3-10; 11-18

* Longtime professor Carl Burkhalter provides the lessons you'll need to stand clear of some of the world's most intimidating trees.

How to Make a Salad - 8 seats available
December 10-17

* Course includes a three-day crouton tutorial.

Reading the Dictionary
- 19 seats available
January 2-8, 2011

* This intensive, seven-day course, taught by Dr. Janice Hemphill, explores man's oldest foe. Breakout sessions include:

- When am I going to get to the W's?
- How come no one in the A's will tell me why the zebra did it?

Prerequisite: Opening the Dictionary

Throwing Things at People and Blaming Someone Else - 10 seats available
January 22-24; 27-29

* Part 2 of Professor Tavaris Mitchell's world-renowned course, which includes:

- Throwing popcorn at the movies: they'll never know
- Your little sister did it

Leckburg Community Center - 805 Browning Circle, Plumptin

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