February 26, 2009

Pet personal ads


If I'm sniffing my butt, I just beefed, baby. Call me, we can hump my owner's leg, maybe pee on it a little.

Mookie box 77021

SWF, age 8. I'm tired of the dog park scene. Looking to meet a nice canine with really bad breath whose not afraid to admit he likes dry food.

Honey box 20238


I'm tired of scratching up this lady's new furniture all by myself. I want to settle down. Give me a call, I've got a bunch of cat nip and a bowl full of warm tap water.

Otis box 89911

SBM, age 10. I'm into extreme sports-running around with a shopping bag on my head; refrigerator diving; shadow fighting. If you're feeling adventurous, I'm your guy.

Miles box 10715

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