February 10, 2009

Police Report

Benjamin Vanderjagt
Age: 25
Pants: no

February 9 - Mr. Vanderjagt was arrested for failure to leave a dolphin tank in a timely manner. The accused said he couldn't leave the tank because "the fatter dolphin, Andy, owes me $20."

Previous arrests

October, 2007: Taken into custody for improper use of a dog leash after attempting to take his neighbor, Greg Danielson, for a walk.

April, 2005: Arrested for impersonating a 1998 Toyota Camry. Mr. Vanderjagt became hysterical when a female passenger refused to use his seat warmers.

BAIL: $75


Bob said...

Why do all the mugshots just look like the accused just took a picture of themselves? No placard? No height chart in the background? What jail are these people going to?

Derwood said...

The mug shots are taken at the Bobby HQ (picture located down the left side of the web site's front page).

That's the only two things we're responsible for: taking the picture and getting the police record. Not sure what happens after that.

- Derwood