April 22, 2009


Visit Lake Febbinshine

"The muddiest place on earth!"

* Two fishing docks where you can catch dozens of exotic fish, including:

- Detroit Bluefish
- Freshwater Nup
- Bandaidfish
- Rainbow Herman
- Newark Yellow Tail

* Wheelbarrow trails

* Hike Feathers Mountain
(Beware of Rory Vanderells, missing since July, 1988)

* Games for the whole family

Cantaloupe Toss
Ring Around Larry Meroni

** And coming to Lake Febbinshine in summer, 2009, a live taping of the hit reality TV show Who Won't Drown?!

Lake Febbinshine - 550 Lakeshore Avenue, Bronze City
Call 555-7661 for reservations

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