April 20, 2009


The Museum of Partial Objects
Grand opening!

Spring/summer exhibits:

Right Nostrils of the Mediterranean (May 5 - June 25)
Some of the region's largest and smallest right nostrils on display, dating back to the 15th century.

Capolo's Door Knobs (June 26 - August 2)
The legendary crooner's collection of door knobs and handles, including the stretch limo trunk handle from his 1975 "Knee Deep in Spicy Mustard" tour.

Pieces of Andrew Fleming (August 3 - September 10) Exhibit includes the Italian painter's chipped teeth and rare severed thumb.

Also available for a limited time:

* Apple Core Mondays (Each Monday in June)

MOPO - 1570 Arthur Ewing Crossway, South Dylan

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Timmy said...

Apple core Mondays? I'll be there, baby!