February 24, 2012

Personal Ads


Voted "best car" in high school yearbook (June, 1997).

Rick box 44691

Let's make a Me sandwich. You bring a girlfriend or two, I'll bring the giant hoagie roll.

Darryl box 71792

I'm stuck in the drier again.

Need a woman to get me out and then head back in there with me and help find my lucky socks.

* Will provide shovel if needed *

Bruce box 88112


Have had a lot of relationships end in Sudd's Car Wash parking lots.

Looking for a man who doesn't work at Sudd's Car Wash.

Sandra box 73219

SBF, age 42. I'm told I chew in my sleep, but nothing has ever been proven.

Nadine box 20003

I have my ex-boyfriend's name tattooed on my chest. His name is Eric.

Looking for a man named Eric or Derick.

Tina box 62727


Single, clear ice cube. Melting.

Gus box 76609

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