November 14, 2011


The Shimples Hall of Fame induction ceremony is scheduled for November 19!

* 2011 HOF inductees

- Player's wing: Pete "Pinches" Jamison
- Mascot wing: Noodles
- Special contribution award: coleslaw vendor Boris Parks

* Season-in-review

- Special video presentation: "Together, We Can Move An Ant Hill - The Story of the 2011 Shimples Champion Kaynesport Ceilingsquirrels"
- Awards show:

* Coach with worst breath
* Longest ear hair
* Most irritating child
* Longest pinch
* Furthest parking space from door
* Largest forehead
* Chicken nugget toes award
* Not invited next year

Come join us Saturday from 7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. at the Plumptin Banquet Hall - 560 Piso Street, SE Plumptin

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