April 12, 2012


Henry Klepp

The founding member of the political activist groups S.O.C.A.F. (separation of cola and ant farm) and RCTN (Rodney, Cut Your Toe Nails!), Henry died doing what he loved: vacuuming the inside of his mailbox. In 1985, he opened a dresser drawer for under-privileged turtlenecks, and in 1997 successfully lobbied to have all of the roofs in his hometown of Plumptin removed. Played clarinet in the musical quartet Mashed Potato Face and the group played their final show in April, 1977 at a benefit to help raise awareness of mud.

Funeral services are set for Friday at 4:00 p.m., then it's off to Amigo's for $1 tequila shot night.

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