December 19, 2013


Poog Cronin

Our beloved Poog, who presided over the first shampoo bottle-loofah sponge wedding in his bathroom, died doing what he loved: lying in a kiddie pool of grape juice. A political activist, Mr. Cronin was one of the leading advocates of S.P.C.M.L. (Separation of Pillow Cases and Meat Loaf) and the 1960s radical group What Time Is It Going To Be In 10 Minutes?!

Poog also was an early-round judge on the reality TV show Paul, Cut Your Toe Nails!

Played trumpet in the jazz quintet Oyster Ear and was part of the group's farewell show at a winter, 1993 benefit to raise awareness of snow.

Funeral services are set for Saturday at 5:00 p.m., then we're off to Tommy's Pub for movie trivia.

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