February 1, 2009


Rico and Maryanne's 1st annual Super Bowl Bash

* Pre-game bathroom painting competition (Come early, grab a brush!)
* Vegetarian chili dunk tank
* Halftime musical performance by The Sweaty Girls
* Plenty of great food, including Maryanne's famous Dorito Caserole and Stuffed Chicken Wings (w/wing sauce)
* 2 1/2 kegs of Nuckles Beer

Special Super Sunday deals

- Toilet paper: $1/ply
- Toe nail clippers rental price: $3/hour

B.Y.O.P (Bring your own penguin)

TONIGHT at Rico & Maryanne's - 3205 Abner Avenue, Kaynesport

Call 555-6100 to RSVP

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