June 3, 2009


Come help us say goodbye to Stankiewicz Field - June 6

The Stank has seen it all:

- Hosted four KTBA championship games
- Site of the famous Ranch Dressing Pool 100-meter backstroke "Battle of the Sexes" showdown between Dottie James and Ron Carlisle (1979)
- 1990 Squirrel Toss (Hall of Famer Noodles Cooper's last toss)
- Used in the filming of the 1984 television documentary Watch Me Eat Grass

My Stankiewicz Field Memories (narrated by DJ Doofus of Smell-96.5)

DJ Doofus

* The new backstop arrives (July, 1988)
* The Day of Many Nostrils (March 11, 2003)
* Police finally catch Eddie Cole, "The Linguine Strangler"

Stankiewicz Field - 1400 Bucksley Avenue, Perkins County
Call to reserve your tickets - 555-3411

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